Fall 2009 collection of paintings to debut September 22

August 22nd, 2009 | 1 Comment »

fall 2009 collection of paintings

Exactly one month from today, on the first day of autumn — September 22, at 5:18 p.m. EDST, to be exact — I will debut my Fall 2009 Collection of paintings. The collection will bring together approximately 15 paintings that I have been working on since mid-July.

I will publish the collection of paintings as a complete gallery on my site’s Paintings gallery.

I have initiated the following countdown clock to keep track of the time remaining before I launch my Fall 2009 Collection of paintings into Internet space.

What is my motivation behind producing a Fall 2009 Collection of modern paintings?

Essentially, I’m jealous of how fashion designers (fashion houses) customarily showcase their collections according to a set schedule. So much creativity and planning is funneled into a set of points situated throughout the calendar year. When a fashion collection is unveiled, it’s a big deal — a defining moment — and the world takes notice.

In the sphere of visual art, things can be very different. An artist creates new works one at a time, over time. Yet, without an exhibition to work toward &#8212 or a simple deadline, even — the process of making art work just tends to flow along.

Goals are very important to my artmaking process. When I’m working toward a goal or deadline, my process making art goes into high gear; I’m much more productive and focused. I find that I spend more time making and less time thinking about what I’m going to make.

Art psychology aside, I thought the first minute of a new season would be the perfect moment to launch my Fall 2009 Collection of paintings. If things go according to plan, I will repeat the process again in December with a Winter 2009-2010 Collection.

There’s one piece to the collection of paintings that I have yet made concrete: Whether I will show this collection in the physical world. I am currently entertaining an idea to show the collection at a boutique, shop or gallery in Greater Phoenix, Arizona at some time in late September or early October. I will certainly make those details known as plans unfold.

Anyway, it’s back to work for me. Thanks for stopping by to check things out. More soon, I can assure you!

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  1. Jem N' Tonic says:

    That seems to be a good idea and reason for your current plan and project. I hope it works out well.

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