An update on my Fall 2009 Painting Collection

September 4th, 2009 | 1 Comment »

Of late, I have been working with notable alacrity on my fall 2009 painting collection, which I will unveil on the autumnal equinox: Tuesday, September 22, 21:18 UTC. More about the idea behind the collection of paintings.

fall 2009 painting collection
My painting table on September 4, 2009, as I near the home stretch of completing my fall 2009 painting collection.

Despite the occasional “big decision” about where this painting collection is headed, I am very much enjoying the process of making this painting collection happen. Making is what art is all about, after all.

So, as I write this, I have completed 12 pieces thus far. In other words, I am 80 percent of the way toward my stated goal of 15 works. The painting collection could approach 20 works, if I’m fortunate to have the requisite time.

I would show you images of these new works, but I don’t want to diminish the suspense.

To speed the process of giving form to my ideas and sketches, I have begun to use canvas panels — which is a surprise, because I once discounted them, albeit wrongly. Panels have freed up my time tremendously; I don’t spend hours stretching canvas over stretcher bars, only to remove the finished canvases, and roll them up, later.

I have discovered that canvas panels are perfect for painting studies, and variations of paintings. They enable me to test new ideas economically.

I once thought that every painting I made had to be as huge as possible. Now I’m enjoying the economy of expression afforded by making smaller modern paintings, in the range of 20 – 30cm.

Long story short, I’m finding that one painting is easily translating to the next. And dare I say it, painting is fun again.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Can’t wait to unveil the collection.

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  1. From one artist to another what an inspirational read. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

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