In the Studio: May 18, 2012

May 18th, 2012 | No Comments

in the studio may 18, 2012
In the studio, May 18, 2012: New paintings stacked among the old as late afternoon light blazes through the window. In the foreground is Variant, which I painted last November. Read about Variant.

With summer solstice just five weeks away, the daylight of the Arizona desert is growing eye-piercingly bright, white-washing everything in sight. Keeping my studio’s shades lowered is the only way I can prevent my retinas from melting!

There is nothing like desert light. It’s mesmerizing and merciless, life-giving and lethal. It offers inspiration and commands a healthy respect.

And so, with sunlight lending an added glow to my fluorescent paints, I’m giving all I’ve got to making new paintings that have a minimal pop-art vibe. I’m drawing upon all of the things that inspire me visually, synthesizing them into something not seen before, exploring as I go.

Many of these new works are based on sketches I created months ago — in some cases, years ago. If those sketches appeal to me now just as they did before, I know they are worth pursuing today.


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