Miniature art: Painting small for Think Small 4

October 18th, 2007 | 2 Comments

I just finished a miniature art painting that I’ll be showing for Think Small 4, a miniature art show at art 6 gallery in Richmond, Virginia (November 2 – December 22, 2007). The guiding principle of the show is that no miniature art painting can be larger than 3 inches in any dimension.

This is the second time I’ll be showing in Think Small; I participated in Think Small 3 a couple of years back.

This year I’ve submitted Omnicron’s Dilemma. Acrylic on panel; three inches square.

miniature art paintingminiature art painting
At left is a sketch of the miniature art painting, called Omnicron’s Dilemma, I’ll be showing in Think Small 4. At right is the actual painting, which measures three inches square.

It could be yours, framed, IKEA style, for just $71.10. (I determined the price at random, using the integer generator.)

Ultimately, I think I’m going to paint a larger version of this piece, just to do the design justice.

Omnicron’s Dilemma was an offshoot of the work show below, which just might be the last of my works in a pop art style. It is called An Error Occurred While Processing this Directive:
miniature art painting

There’s lots more I’d like to write about, but I’ve got to cut this short, because I’m catching a plane to Portland tomorrow. Otherwise, I’m very much digging the new album by The Fiery Furnaces, Widow City. I think they’re making some of the most challenging music out today.

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2 Responses to “Miniature art: Painting small for Think Small 4”

  1. Oliver says:

    This is the cutest painting i have ever seen!


  2. wiggz says:

    Thanks, Oliver! But in my opinion, it’s not quite as cute as your NEON! ME! number … By the way, is that a roll or quarters or … wooden nickels or …

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