New Miniature Artwork for Think Small 6 Miniature Art Show

October 17th, 2011 | No Comments

I present to you the smallest painting I have ever made: A three-inch by 2.5-inch (7.62 cm x 6.35 cm) miniature artwork for the upcoming Think Small 6 miniature art show, held at Artspace in Richmond, Virginia.

miniature artwork

Titled Deconstructed Mash-Up in Improvised Colors, this new miniature artwork reflects my recent experiments in abstract and randomized compositions. I landed upon the composition on accident, while designing something very different on my computer. When it came time to make this painting for Think Small 6 — I was working under a deadline — I kept changing the colors as I went. In essence, this painting is a study; I am considering an attempt at a larger version, using different colors, soon.

Think Small 6 is an international miniature artwork invitational, bringing together pieces by 260 artists from around the world. The show will open at Artspace on Friday, October 28. A preview gala will be held on October 27.

I have priced this painting, which is signed and framed, at the low-low price of $59.99. If you are interested in acquiring it for your collection, please contact Artspace at

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