Paintings at Salon Jo-El in Phoenix

June 23rd, 2012 | No Comments

For the past year and a half I have been exhibiting my paintings at Salon Jo-El, a progressive hair salon owned by Joel Porter — a loyal collector of my art and a good friend. Incidentally, it was Joel who invited me to show a few of my paintings at his home for the 2011 Modern Phoenix home tour.


Joel opened his salon more than a decade ago in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, at 4118 E. Indian School Road. He moved his salon to downtown Scottsdale midway into the last decade. Yet, this past May, Salon Jo-El returned to its original Arcadia location.

The new location offered me a fresh opportunity to display some of my newest work — and of course I’ve hung some in salon style. Joel’s salon very much looks and feels like a white cube art gallery, with white walls, a white tile floor and spacious windows that let in ample natural light.

Currently I have 12 paintings on exhibit, including Flat Warp, Ifx Xypilekk and several new works — they’re so new I have not yet published them to my site. Showing there has provided me with excellent feedback on what I’m making. I can never predict how people will react to my work!

This recent promotional video for Salon Jo-El captures the salon’s energy and attitude, as well as offers a glimpse of my paintings at the salon’s former Scottsdale location.

If you live anywhere near Arcadia, and you have an interest in a fashionable haircut and graphically charged paintings, I encourage you to pay a visit on Salon Jo-El.

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