Press coverage of my Soyal Gallery show

May 11th, 2010 | 3 Comments

As my show at Soyal Gallery nears an end (It closes this Saturday, May 15.), I’d like to share a couple of press clippings that have cropped up over the past two weeks. I’m quite pleased to say that my work has graced the pages of Phoenix Home and Garden (May issue.), Scottsdale Republic (Saturday, May 8 edition; image here) and Java Magazine (May issue, all through the ever-popular Club Cam section).

Here’s the Phoenix Home and Garden clip:

phoenix home and garden

As this article was in development, writer Judy Harper asked me where my painting titles come from. Interesting question! And this became the focus of the write-up. For a bit more context, here is my full response, dated March 18:

“By nature, my paintings are nonrepresentational. In other words, they don’t depict, or represent, anything found in reality. Some artists paint pictures of cows, landscapes and people. I’m different, I guess. I have always wanted to paint things that don’t exist, whether it’s made-up product packaging or geometric elements. That said, there’s nothing to ‘get’ about my work. Everyone should be able to see my paintings for what they are: paintings.”

“I believe that titles have a way of forcing the viewer to see something in a painting, or make sense of what is going on in the painting. Therefore, I deliberately choose titles that don’t mean anything … they are merely combinations of letters, generated by software or scrambled translations. To me, this makes more sense than naming a painting Untitled.”

“Long story short, I don’t want to color the viewer’s perceptions of what they see. The painting should stand on its own. Before my paintings, viewers should have the opportunity to experience the literal act of seeing.”

Also, I’d like to thank Java Magazine Publisher/Editor Robert Sentinery for publishing several images of my Soyal show opening, which was a great time. Do take a moment to see the full issue here. Below is a sample; see images 3 and 8.

On that note, I’m back to the easel, painting away. No time for stopping!

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3 Responses to “Press coverage of my Soyal Gallery show”

  1. Christine Fredericksen says:

    All of the streets & addresses in our subdivision in Flagstaff just got changed to all new names and the new name for our cul-de-sac is “Soyal Ovi”. No one knows who came up with this name, how to pronounce it correctly and what it means. We have lived in the same house for 35 years now and our old address was Antelope Ovi. I see from your blog that Soyal means solstice celebration. But can you tell us what is involved in this celebration and the correct pronounciation? We have had to explain what “OVI” means for the past 35 years and now I guess we will be explaining that Soyal Ovi means Sun Circle. Is that correct? Thanks for any input!

  2. Sarah Gee says:

    Thanks for posting images your incredible show. I absolutely love your work!

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