The Acid Snows

June 3rd, 2007 | No Comments

Just finished is a remix of The Acid Rain Falls Mainly on the Acid Plain, titled The Acid Snows, both of which are 20″ high x 16″ wide. For the latter piece, I reproduced the controlling idea for the upper half, which I’m fond of, and simplified everything in the bottom half. Regardless, the end result is a bit of an assault on the eyes; the stripes vibrate. The colors are very upbeat, but together they collide aggressively. Harmonic disharmony?

Next up is a composition I sketched out a week ago, which I’m calling Festinal, after Festina, the French cycling team that got disqualified from the 1998 Tour de France for having massive quantities of performance-enhancing substances in its team car. Such a happy name, Festina is … but the connotations!

Below is The Acid Rain… side-by-side with The Acid Snows, just for comparison. Maybe yet another remix is in the works? Who knows!

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