Two new paintings: Civvik and Circuit

January 13th, 2009 | 1 Comment »

My objectives for last week have been completed, albeit a couple of days late. With the goal of submitting new pieces to an upcoming juried show, I just completed two “full-scale” renderings of smaller studies.

Today I finished Civvik, and on Friday I put the finishing touches on Circuit. Both are 30 inches square and 4 inches deep. The original studies were 10 inches square and 1.5 inches deep.

The new version of Civvik is actually a reworking of the original. I fixed the curves in the stripes, and the top-most white stripe doesn’t spill over the top edge of the canvas. The white stripes are centered upon the horizontal axis.

Details aside, quite a bit of motoring took place to get these done within 10 days. But now I’m ready to start a series of paintings on paper. I am convinced that this is way to go for the near term. At 60 cents per sheet, I can’t go wrong. Paper is the fastest, easiest way to get ideas out and test them. Assembling stretcher bars and stretching canvas takes too long to get ramped up—something I’m not in the mood for.

So we’ll see how the next few days will shake out. Hopefully I’ll have a lot to upload soon.

Otherwise, I just returned my interlibrary loan copy of Paul Klee’s The Thinking Eye. A compilation of Klee’s notebooks, this brilliant book is one page of sketches after another. Klee explores his philosophy of line and form, and how line becomes form, in an almost mystical way. Definitely a book worth checking out. Amazon has it used for $300. But I think I’ll have to sign it out again instead.

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  1. Carol Cooper says:

    Best of luck with the juried show Grant . . . they are both winners! Cheers

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