Next show: Vivid Visions at Compound Gallery

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vivid visions coming to compound gallery in portland, oregon
A vivid vision: One of my newest paintings, which remains untitled, might just be showing in Portland this summer.

An extremely bright spot in my summer will be my involvement in Vivid Visions, a group art show curated by my great friend and fellow artist Oliver Hibert.

What makes this show such a bright spot? The seven artists in Vivid Visions use amped-up, fluorescent paint-powered palettes. Hanging our work together in one room is a gargantuan guarantee to make eyeballs melt!

Vivid Visions will open August 2, 2012 at Compound Gallery, which is located in downtown Portland, Oregon. The six other artists participating in Vivid Visions are Buff Monster, Jesse Hibert, Oliver Hibert, Spencer Hibert, Martin Ontiveros, and Pinky.

Showing with Oliver and Spencer Hibert Again

For me it’s a massive honor to be invited by Oliver to have a presence in Vivid Visions. Oliver and I have go way back. We’ve have shown together a number of times over the past decade in Arizona — at Phoenix Art Museum and First Friday in downtown Phoenix, two Arizona Biennials at Tucson Museum of Art, and at Soyal Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Oliver’s brother, Spencer Hibert, also will be showing in Vivid Visions. Spencer, too, is a great friend. He invited me to have the first solo show at Soyal Gallery in 2010 — Circles with Corners. Spencer is massively talented, just like his brother, and always surprises me with his latest experiments in painting, sculpture, and mixed media.

I can always count on Oliver and Spencer for great conversations. We talk about everything and the laughs are endless. Being an artist in the middle of the Arizona desert can be very isolating, but we keep each other going. I can’t wait to show with them again!

Of course, I will be posting more details about Vivid Visions on my blog as they develop.

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