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Art store now online

March 13th, 2008 | 2 Comments

At long last, after an unintended two-month hiatus, I’m back at the blog. I can’t say that I’ve exactly enjoyed being away from it. After a couple of weeks, I really did start to miss posting updates on what I’m working on.

art store online
art store online
Two sketches from last weekend.

I stopped posting on accident, really, because I diverted my time toward figuring out how to make a proper art store online. After years of wanting to build an art store online, I finally committed to it; in fact, it was my New Year’s resolution.

It took a surprising amount of time to hash out the logistics. Then came the implementation; thankfully, I could rely on my friend Jason to configure the software and tie in the payment gateway — he made sure it worked. But I was not prepared for all of the fun with managing the “look and feel” of the store, from scratch. It made installing and integrating the blog software seem easy!

Anyway, I’m happy to be at this point, ready to pick up on where I was at before. I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove of sketching and painting and printing and writing and thinking — doing what I love to do, for no real reason, other than, as (I think) William Carlos Williams wrote, “I am obsessed with making.” (Was it Williams? I just searched for “I am obsessed with making” and saw loads of results involving lots of people who use the exact same phrase to express what they’re doing, which just shows how human it is to become obsessed with making!)

Speaking of making things, I can offer you the sketches of funkier designs I have in mind, shown above right, just to indicate what my brain’s been into lately. But I still can’t shake minimalism! Seems like the more elements I add to a sketch, the more intensity the overall design loses. But to try to make minimal compositions new? That’s a challenge I’ve thought about a lot lately. I can only leave that challenge unanswered — for now.