Minimalism (88 paintings)

grant wiggins – launch anglegrant wiggins – overrundergrant wiggins – minimalist paintinghard-edge geometric paintingcontemporary minimal art

Maximalism (79 paintings)

grant wiggins – data disintegration – acrylic on canvas – 2018grant wiggins – accentuate what you cannot overexaggerate – acrylic on canvas – 2018'high on my own supply' by grant wigginsgrant wiggins - away from the beigeconversations with alnilam by grant wigginsvintage geometric pattern painting

Pattern Paintings (40 paintings)

geometric abstract paintingspattern paintings by grant wigginssimple geometric paintingsart abstract artcontemporary modern paintingsabstract artwork

Circles with Corners Collection (28 paintings)

red abstract paintingabstract acrylic paintingblack abstract paintingsoriginal abstract painting

Pop Origins: 1994 - 2007 (46 paintings)

neo-pop artworkpop art infopop culture artworkmodern pop artwork