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wiggz.com Celebrates 10 Years of Delivering Fresh, High-Quality Pixels

October 12th, 2009 | No Comments

Ten years ago today, I registered wiggz.com. I would like to bake my fine art web site a cake to celebrate, but it does not eat. What to do?

If anything, perhaps this is an appropriate time to express appreciation to all of the people out there who have helped me learn how the Internet works. Without the advice of others, wiggz.com would not be the same.

To commemorate all that has changed in this sector of cyberspace, I offer you this screen capture of what my site looked like in 2002.

fine art web site

By the way, when I registered wiggz.com, it was a Tuesday, as well as the 507th anniversary of Christoffa Corombo running aground in Hispaniola. Here in Phoenix, the mercury surged to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). And shares of AskJeeves.com (ASKJ) closed at $68.50; the previous day, the stock surged 35.4%, after Microsoft announced it would expand its use of the question-answering service. Not surprisingly, none of us got rich when that happened.

Yes, it feels like 10 years have passed.

Nonetheless, I look forward to continuing this giant fine art web site experiment for 10 more years, if possible.