Maximalist Paintings

grant wiggins – data disintegration – acrylic on canvas – 2018grant wiggins – accentuate what you cannot overexaggerate – acrylic on canvas – 2018'high on my own supply' by grant wigginsgrant wiggins - away from the beigeconversations with alnilam by grant wigginsmodern geometric paintinggeometric maximalist painting by grant wigginsgeometric acrylic paintingabstract geometric paintingvintage geometric pattern painting modern paintinggeometric abstract paintingcontemporary abstract paintingcontemporary modern paintingmodern abstract paintingcolorful geometric artworkcolorful abstract artworkgeometric abstract artworkcolorful geometric paintingswork of art with geometric patternspainting with geometric patternscolorful abstract canvas artcolorful abstract art paintingsmodern abstract artworkabstract acrylic paintingabstract painting on canvascontemporary art paintingsgeometric contemporary abstract artcontemporary geometric abstract artnon-objective geometric artgeometric art on canvasnon-representational geometric artvibrant geometric artimprovised geometric compositiongeometric art compositionabstract geometric pattern artabstract geometric shapes paintingsabstract geometric artabstract geometric artworkgeometric artwork paintingabstract graphic paintingabstract acrylic arthandmade paper artmaximalist artabstract art onlinecontemporary paintingsgraphic wall artabstract art on canvasabstract fine artabstract graphic artabstract paintingoriginal abstract artabstract artistsabstract painterabstract paintersabstract art paintingsacrylic abstract artcolorful abstract art