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Two of my favorite logos

December 2nd, 2008 | No Comments

On Saturday I was searching for “1970s corporate logos” via Google image search and I instantly found two new favorite logos — both from Pennsylvania, at that. These “finds” (one of which is undoubtedly an everyday sight for Philly residents) offered me instant inspiration, leading me to fill my notebook with possible ways of remixing these logos into new designs.

styles of paintingstyles of painting

Above are the logos of SEPTA (from phillyist.com) and, to the right, Penn Central Company (from scripophily.com).

June 26th-ish

June 26th, 2007 | No Comments

Being doing lots of sketching lately. Too early to show you what it’s all about, but I’m really feeling what I’m drawing & designing. Really stoked about it all.

Here are some random tidbits of info, like cut-up pineapple chunks in a Pixie cup, avec toothpicks for ease of handling, juste pour mon semblabe, mon lecteur:

  • Dug into the recent Jarvis Cocker solo album … and I think it’s fantastic. The lyrics are fab. Jarvis really knows how to tell a good story, and he’s funny and depressing at the same time. Perf.
  • I wish I could go to the opening of Jim Isermann’s Vinyl Smash-Up show at Deitch Projects this weekend. If I lived in New York, I’d be there.
  • Have you ever noticed that the current [now old] Maytag logo, current Corporate Express logo, as well as the old Northwest Airlines logo, all share the same elements … a sheared rectangle with a serif-like curve at the end? (I’m sure there’s a fancier term for it, but I have no idea what it is.)
  • On that note, the AutoZone logo and KFC’s old logo (the one designed by Schecter & Luth in 1997) have something similar going on, too.