A few pics of my garden

June 13th, 2009 | 1 Comment »

Thought you might be interested in seeing what’s going on in the backyard. Every day I am amazed by something different and new.

In particular, my mind is blown by how zucchini grows. The cultivar features a base of slender, tubular lime-green stalks that seem to wander as it matures.

Two “black beauty” zucchini plants are the stars of the first three pics below. Under a massive canopy forest-green leaves, their fruits swell up seemingly by the minute.

Also pictured: an 8-foot sunflower readying to blossom.

While harvest time is nearing for my first crop of corn, I’m almost overwhelmed by my harvest of summer squash (early prolific straightnecks), cucumbers (burpless hybrids) and black beauties. Also growing are tomatoes, watermelon, several kinds of peppers and sunflowers.


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  1. Jem N' Tonic says:

    That’s very cool that you have your own garden. My in-laws have their own garden and products are always much better than from the store.

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