Next show: Chaos Theory 11, opening October 1 at Legend City Studios

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Chaos Theory 11

Starting this Friday, October 1, I will be exhibiting a new painting along with works by more than 50 of Phoenix’s most well-respected artists in Chaos Theory. The much-anticipated 11th edition of this invitational group show will be held at Legend City Studios, 521 W. Van Buren, in downtown Phoenix. Google map and directions here.

Opening night festivities, which are open to the public, will take place between 6 p.m. and midnight. Admission is free. The show will conclude at the end of November.

For this year’s Chaos Theory, I will be showing a modern graphic painting titled Hexagonal Banfield Forcefield.

In last year’s Chaos Theory 10, I showed SuperAcid Autobacs Ambilify, a fluorescent-paint packed abstract acrylic art work.

Artists exhibiting in this year’s Chaos Theory include: Rafael Navarro, Joshua Rhodes, Rick Toerne, Steven J Yazzie, James Angel, David Dauncey, Suzie Falk, Brent Bond, Steve Hoffberger, Luiz Gutierrez, Melissa Martinez, Kate Twist, Bobby Castaneda, Lara Plecas, Jeff Falk, Annie Lopez, Michael Zep, Dave Quan, Danielle Hacche, Brian Boner, Christina Ramirez, Fausto Fernandez, Shauna Thibault, Greg Esser, Pete Deise, Carrie Marill, Cindy Dach, Hector Ruiz, Molten Brothers, Alex Krump, Jesse Rieser, William LeGoullon, Leslie Englert Yazzie, Henry Schoebel, Leon Lucero, Joe Willie Smith, John Colona, Colin Chillag, Kathleen D Cone, Grant Wiggins, Matt Priebe, John Randall Nelson, Eddie Shea, Sergio Aguirre, Steve Gompf, Jason Rudolph Pena, Jehu, Randy Slack, John Balinkie, and Brandon Sullivan.

I sincerely thank Randy Slack for inviting me to participate in Chaos Theory 11. It should be a great show and a lot of fun.

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