New set of fine art digital prints added to store

March 18th, 2008 | 3 Comments

fine art digital prints
I took some time this afternoon to upload a new set of fine art digital prints to the online art shop. Some of the new prints are part of the Space Loops series I wrote about in my last post.

The store now has 14 prints and 6 paintings. As far as prints are concerned, I’ve tried to blend minimal “hard-edge” designs with the funkier stuff. Some prints are just ideas on paper; they may become paintings, they may not. Time will tell.

I’m enjoying making the prints — testing color combinations, giving designs a life beyond the screen. The process is liberating. Photographing them is a bit trickier, but I’m not giving up!


3 Responses to “New set of fine art digital prints added to store”

  1. Chris Rusak says:

    Hey man,

    Tell us about your printmaking process. Is it screenprinted? Litho? Do divulge.

    (And if you care to share the brand of ink you use, us printers might get a chubby.)

  2. Hey, Chris,

    Good hearing from you again. The prints come from a Canon Pixma with stock Canon inks.

    I’m experimenting with Canon’s papers (provided by Hahnemuhle), which are pretty good, too. I’m fond of the Photo Rag fine art paper.

    Would love to try pulling some screens sometime. Used to screenprint my own shirts years ago.

    But I’m actually more interested in learning how to build frames and cutting mats … just coming up with new ways for presenting the prints … maybe mixing a lime-green mat with a white frame.

    Right now I’m still in prototype mode, I have to admit.

    Making fluorescent plastic frames for my paintings is also on my list of things to explore.

  3. oliver hibert says:

    Holy shitballs!

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