A found Frederick Hammersley painting

January 26th, 2010 | No Comments

frederick hammersley painting

A once-anonymous abstract painting owned by Laurie Pike was recently determined to be the work of legendary hard-edge painter Frederick Hammersley.

The “found” Hammersley painting is titled One Pair and is dated 1960.

Frederick Hammersley is one of my favorite painters, and I’ve written about him considerably.

With Ms. Pike’s consent, I would like to share the story of the found painting with you.

Ms. Pike writes:

“My best friend owned the painting — I am pretty sure he bought it in a thrift shop (!!). He never had any money, but had impeccable taste. My friend passed away 2 years ago and I inherited the painting. At a party at my house [in December], an art professor asked to look behind the painting and said, ‘This is an important piece of art!'”

Ms. Pike has consulted with LA Louver Gallery about restoring — and potentially selling — the Hammersley painting.

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