In the studio: April 25, 2007

April 25th, 2007 | No Comments

The paint is now drying on my newest painting in my studio, titled Accident / Escape. This piece measures 16 inches high by 20 wide and is based on the hexagonal star pattern I developed a couple of months back. (It’s also the same pattern for Like Antique Shopping 100 Years from Now, shown below.)

The painting got its name because the composition was developed accidentally, and the pieces that were stranded to the left seemed to be floating away — escaping. And to my surprise, I’m attracted to the mod, geometric starkness of black on white. I’ve always liked Franz Kline’s black-on-white paintings, abstract expressionist pieces like Accent Grave, which is in the collection of my hometown museum, Cleveland Museum of Art. Regardless, black on white is something I really haven’t explored in my own paintings.

And to the right is a little bonus: the view from my visual studio window. Here, a ready-to-bloom red yucca in the foreground and roses in full bloom on the neighbor’s side. We’re nearing the beginning of summer in Arizona … the sun is starting to become blinding.

Visual Art Studio Visual Art Studio

More soon: I’ve completed lots of Art Lottery designs lately. I’ll be posting those next.


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