Next show: Miniature art show Think Small 5

October 28th, 2009 | 2 Comments

ThinkSmall5 exhibit runs from November 6, through December 20, 2009 at Artspace Gallery in Richmond, Virginia

miniature art show
Telomir 9: Exhibiting in miniature art show Think Small 5.

For the third time, I will be participating in miniature art show ThinkSmall, held every other year in Richmond. This year will be the fifth ThinkSmall miniature art show; the first was held in 2001.

This time around, I will be exhibiting Telomir 9, which measures 3 inches square, and is acrylic on canvas, mounted on panel. No work of art in the show may exceed 3 inches in any dimension.

See a list of contributing artists at I’m in there somewhere.

For further reading: The painting I exhibited at Think Small 4, in 2007.

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2 Responses to “Next show: Miniature art show Think Small 5”

  1. Jem N' Tonic says:

    I glad to hear that you are able to participate again. You deserve it. I really like this design as well, so of course I think you summited the right piece.

  2. Wow, pretty cool. 3 inch square I’ve never seen anything like it. Nice one though, thanks for posting.

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