A new modern abstract canvas painting: ‘Flat Space, Imagined Place’

June 19th, 2010 | No Comments

modern abstract canvas painting

Flat Space, Imagined Place is the title of the modern abstract canvas painting I have been working on throughout this month. Compositionally, this painting reflects the busier, more improvisational “maximal” side of my work. It measures 111.8 cm high by 81.3 cm wide (44 x 32 inches). The medium is acrylic on canvas.

In the design phase, this painting had more than 30 iterations; the composition evolved dramatically in the process throughout May. The initial idea, arrived upon on April 25, seems like a distant relative compared the finished work pictured here. Yet, that initial idea still seems like a worthy idea to explore.

If there were one thing different about this piece, it was my resolution — going into it — that I would determine the colors on screen before working them out on canvas.

Also, this painting represents a vacation, of sorts, from the minimal, hard-edge paintings I devoted myself to last fall and showcased in my Soyal Gallery show. Because I find maximalism very challenging and fun, I will continue to explore this method of making, pushing the boundaries of what a canvas can hold, for the foreseeable future.

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