Chaos Theory 10: A solid Phoenix First Friday art show

October 9th, 2009 | No Comments

People often ask me whether I show my art at Phoenix First Friday. Until recently, my answer was “Years ago, I was really into it, but I haven’t lately. Last time was 2006.” Thanks to Randy Slack, I can offer a very different answer now.

I am very happy to say I am showing in Chaos Theory 10, which opened at Legend City Studios on Friday, October 2. There, I am showing SuperAcid Autobacs-Ambilify!.

Randy Slack organized the show, which is truly one of the best Phoenix First Friday art shows.

phoenix first friday art
Here, SuperAcid Autobacs-Ambilify! hangs between works by Greg Esser (the three pieces at left) and Adriana Y. Claudio (right). Image by Rafael Navarro.

Chaos Theory 10 brings together the work of more than 50 Phoenix artists, many of whom I’ve exhibited alongside at either the Arizona Biennial or the Tempe Center for the Arts Biennial. The show lives up to its name because there is no theme. As Randy Slack says in this interview, most of the art in the show doesn’t arrive until three days before the show opens. Until then, he has no idea what people are going to deliver.

So far, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Chaos Theory 10, so you might want to check it out. It will be on display during business hours, more or less, until the end of October. I suggest contacting Legend City Studios about exact hours, though.

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