In the studio: June 19, 2007

June 19th, 2007 | No Comments

Raw Power is just about complete — only small touch-ups left.

Lots of weird things happened on the way to finishing this painting. The composition proved trickier to paint than I imagined. Required a lot of planning, in terms of putting down layers. At one point, on Sunday, the entire right side (the orange sections with larger stripes) had to be completely redone. Thought an improvisational deviation from the original sketch would look cooler, but that proved negative.


Getting to improvise, though, is one of the main reasons why I paint. Sometimes I wonder why I paint, since I design everything digitally first. After all, isn’t graphic design enough proof of concept? There’s something about painting that keeps me doing it, but I can’t quite explain it. Perhaps it’s the physicality of painting — the intensity and richness of paint on canvas.

Regardless, after almost letting this piece get away from me on Sunday evening, I’m relieved that it’s just about complete. The challenge is always worth it.

In other news: Wednesday night (tomorrow), I will be showing paintings at Plaid Eatery, 1044 E. Terrace Road, #4, in Tempe, from 8 to 11 pm. A few DJ friends are going to throw down house and drum ‘n’ bass. Should be a good time. Earlier, I had reported that I will be painting “live” there, but that’s not the case. Maybe in July.


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