Interlocking stripes

March 10th, 2007 | No Comments

This may not turn out to be the most charismatic blog post ever. My source of inspiration isn’t the most charismatic. But hey! Whatever.

Glenn Roeder wears a certain tie virtually every game. It’s a pretty straightforward tie, but I think it’s pretty cool. (If you’re not familiar with who Glenn Roeder is, he’s the manager of English soccer team Newcastle United.) I found this photo online to show you what I mean.

I’ve tried to mess with the tie’s pattern. I dig the interlocking stripes, so I thought I could mash them up and make them collide a bit . . . maybe even add more layers of colliding stripes for a more chaotic effect. I’ll have to file this away for future use.

In other news: Today was a glorious day in Tempe, Arizona. A high temp of 88 and not a cloud in the sky. Ideal for opening up the house and letting the breeze roll through the studio. As it gets warmer, the acrylic paint dries faster, which is a very good thing. And so I started work, officially, on Like Antique Shopping 100 Years Ago. (Sketch here.).



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