New minimalist art work, based on ‘long-lost’ minimalist design

September 30th, 2008 | No Comments

After going on an early rampage into my new series of paintings inspired by randomness, I hit a creative wall last Friday afternoon. Instead of finishing a maximalist painting (titled Retroactive Psychology)—I was adding a plaid pattern to the top third of it—I felt utterly compelled to paint a minimalist design I conjured up in July 2007, but shelved.

Rather than slog through what I was working on, I abruptly resolved to stop what I was doing and switch things up. So, Saturday morning, I started the painting you see below, which I finished this morning. My thinking was this: If I’m not enjoying making something, it will show.

minimalist art work
Cirrex (tentative title), based on a minimalist design I created more than a year ago, proving how ideas and inspiration can resurface later on.

This new minimalist art work is 30 inches square and acrylic on canvas, as is everything I paint. However, I do not yet know what I am going to call it. Names batted around include Cirrex, Corpex, Xorpec, Xorpekt—but nothing really sticks. Cirrex is the leading candidate, though.

The question from here: What to work on next? I feel more inspired to paint another minimalist design from summer ’07 than I do the random series painting. Does it matter?

I’m already behind in the timetable I outlined for my random series, although I know I’ll come back to it. Also, there’s a lot of work to do in my backyard garden—building raised planting beds, etc. Growing things is becoming more interesting to me. There is no reason to stress about things.

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