The Acid Rain Falls Mainly on the Acid Plain

May 28th, 2007 | No Comments

Ten days and no blog postage is pretty lame, I must admit. Therefore I beg your sweet forgiveness, fair reader, for I have been motoring along (to Tucson), painting as much as I can (new work below), working on the house (painting doors…tedious), spending quality time with friends and family (birthdays), and toiling away to pay the bills as necessary (work, work, work).

At left: New painting titled The Acid Rain Falls Mainly on the Acid Plain. Painted Thursday 5/24 through Sunday 5/27 at 3am. Based on the pattern you see in the previous post. An example of taking the nucleus of an idea and running with it … perhaps too far! The ideas kept flowing in.
At right: A better photo of Corporate Wellness Program, completed in early May.

Rather than bore you with longwinded sentences, however, I shall summarize art-related things in my life using the Chop-Chop Method:

Finally, I’m on Flickr: Check out photos of the painting I’m showing at the ’07 Arizona Biennial, now through August 19 at Tucson Museum of Art.

Oliver Hibert interview: My dear old friend Oliver pays me a couple of nice compliments in an interview at blog LADy LaMb&Popsy. Thanks, Oliver! What a glimpse into Oliver’s imagination!

Coming to newstands: The June issue of 944 magazine (Phoenix edition) will have a feature about me being in the Arizona biennial for the third consecutive time. Should be out soon.

Other stuff: I really dig the profile of Sigmar Polke in Sunday’s New York Times. “His appeal also lies in his unavailability,” Carol Vogel writes. “Unlike Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst or Takashi Murakami, who work hard at maintaining their movie-star allure, Mr. Polke shuns the limelight and guards his privacy. He has been known to go for months without answering his phone, opening his mail or allowing visitors into his studio.” That’s my kind of artist! Wish I could tune out for months. … While you’re on Flickr, check out the rad — I mean Radiskull — photos by my friend Robert Bell, aka tradica! … The new Dungen album is fantastic!

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